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TeleNav Track review July 3, 2007

Posted by Rich in : GPS fleet tracking,GPS tracking cell phones,GPS tracking employees , trackback

Telenav TrackIt’s not often that we see a full and detailed review of a GPS fleet tracking service, but that’s exactly what CIO has posted — a four-part review of TeleNav Track. They didn’t find much not to like about it either, other than the limited number of phones supported (the service is currently only offered on AT&T and Sprint/Nextel phones).

TeleNav Track is available in several packages according to a business’s needs, and at various pricing levels. TeleNav Track features include GPS navigation and wireless forms, dispatching and barcode scanning.

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1. Jerry - July 8, 2008

TeleNav Track SUCKS. Most of the time the phones will not track and all you get from tech support is varying reason why the system isn’t working and that users must reset their phones and then resynch to the satellite.