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Teensurance GPS tracking goes nationwide June 27, 2007

Posted by Rich in : GPS tracking children,GPS vehicle tracking , trackback

The insurance firm Safeco announced today the nationwide availability of Teensurance, allowing parents to track where a driver is, how fast they are driving, and the time they arrive at a specific location. The auto tracking system, dubbed “Safety Beacon GPS,” relays data via cellular networks.

Teensurance is available beginning today at an introductory rate of $14.99 per month, which is guaranteed for two years. Safeco is citing a normal rate of $29.99 per month. Installation and emergency roadside assistance is included. Further costs are likely to be incurred with Safety Beacon alerts:

Teensurance subscribers purchase and spend “credits” to enable and receive Safety Beacon™ notifications. For example, you spend one credit each time:

  • Safety Beacon™ notifies you about an event, such as your vehicle exceeding a speed threshhold or reaching a destination.
  • You request information from Safety Beacon™—such as your vehicle’s location—from a phone or your account at teensurance.com.
  • You configure a Safety Beacon feature or turn a feature on or off.

You receive 100 free starter credits when you buy Teensurance. Additional credits must be purchased through your online account. A block of 100 credits costs $29.99.

Other features include stolen vehicle retrieval support and remote door unlock.

Surprisingly, and to their credit, Safeco says they will not use collected individual data, stating that “individuals’ driving data (speed and location notifications) will be available only to parents and teens.”

This is a simple and easy to understand nationwide program; I expect it will prove quite popular.


1. Jay - August 3, 2007

First of all, I think that the whole tracking idea is great when it is warranted. If you have a problem teen like me it gives great peace of mind. Or Not. I also believe that the power of these devices can be abused. If you use it just to be nosey and you have had no reason to track your child, Shame, Shame, Shame. I bought my gps from http://www.gpsteentracking.com after a whole lot of investigating. Theirs did’t have any monthly fees and was fairly price. Now I just use it as a deterrent since I have confronted my daughter several times with the tracking data. I think that the deterrent is the best value of the whole thing. Anyway, thats my 2cents.