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DIY anti-theft tracking for your car September 14, 2007

Posted by Rich in : GPS tracking cell phones,GPS vehicle tracking , trackback

This is just cellular (not GPS) tracking, but it is a way cool and super-cheap way to make an anti-theft tracking device for your car. Basically, you record the phone’s international mobile equipment identification (IMEI) number, connect the phone to your car’s battery and set it to auto answer. Check out the video. You won’t believe how simple this.


1. Ian - June 9, 2008

So simple but a terrific and cheap way to protect your car. Be sure to go for the SIM service that gives you 365 days use for $1 – Vodaphone do this in Australia. The car will not be making calls so it’s only going to cost a dollar/year to run it.

Nokia phones have the auto-answer feature in the phone

2. Julian Campbell - September 10, 2008

I need this type of thing for use inside a steel shipping container. Will this set up work inside a steel box?


3. Tom - November 5, 2008

How is the car located by the police? Do the they use signal triangulation to pin point the cell phone location as with an emergency/911 calls in the states? If so, I wasn’t aware that this was as yet uniformly implemented technology. In the US all cell phones are required to have 911 dialing capability, even without a service plan. So will any phone work here? And isn’t a professional thief going to look under the hood at some point and see the phone wires on the battery?


4. Luis - February 8, 2009

You probably don’t have to connect it directly to the battery. You should just make sure that wherever you take the power from has enough to run your phone. Also take the power from a location with a high enough amperage so that you don’t blow any fuses.

5. josephine - February 20, 2009

A m in the car hire business in kenya how these going to help me coz i want to know where my car is and able to stop it if its in the wrong place or being miss used.

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