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GPS fleet tracking boasts major savings March 24, 2008

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GPS fleet tracking
I’ve noticed several stories lately highlighting impressive savings for companies that utilize GPS fleet tracking. The payback period on this technology must be very short indeed. Here are a few links to check out:


Navtrak GPS tracking success stories August 23, 2007

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navtrak-logo.gifNavtrak seems to be making a full court press on the publicity front. Having recently started their GPS Tracking Insights & Info newsletter, they are now publishing GPS tracking success stories. These span multiple industries including electric, food distribution, fuel delivery, home construction, HVAC, paving, pest control, plumbing, real estate and more.

GPS jamming device July 31, 2007

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GPS jamming deviceIs someone snooping on you? Maybe you’re just paranoid; then again, maybe not. Well Chinavasion (no, I’m not making that name up) has a forthcoming GPS jamming device on their website that claims to be able to block signals over a range of 2 to 4 meters. Theoretically, that is enough to effectively eliminate the tracking threat. No word on availability, pricing or legality in the U.S.! (more…)

TeleNav Track review July 3, 2007

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Telenav TrackIt’s not often that we see a full and detailed review of a GPS fleet tracking service, but that’s exactly what CIO has posted — a four-part review of TeleNav Track. They didn’t find much not to like about it either, other than the limited number of phones supported (the service is currently only offered on AT&T and Sprint/Nextel phones).

TeleNav Track is available in several packages according to a business’s needs, and at various pricing levels. TeleNav Track features include GPS navigation and wireless forms, dispatching and barcode scanning.

AT&T partners with TeleNav on GPS workforce management solution March 31, 2007

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AT&T has announced a partnership with TeleNav, to implement a workforce management solution utilizing TeleNavTrack:

TeleNav Track is an affordable enterprise-grade application for companies of all sizes and includes multiple features, such as GPS-enabled location-tracking, mileage-tracking, wireless time sheets, alerts and detailed location-reporting to capture field data. A premium version of TeleNav Track is also available with features including wireless forms, dispatching, barcode- scanning support and voice and on-screen turn-by-turn GPS directions. Initially, TeleNav Track is available on the new BlackBerry® 8800 and HP iPAQ hw6920 Mobile Communicator, both of which have integrated GPS.


TomTom WORK GPS fleet tracking January 13, 2007

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TomTom, better known for their consumer car navigation systems, has announced TomTom WORK. Combining the best of both worlds, TomTom WORK provides GPS fleet tracking for managers, while also providing GPS navigation for drivers.

The system has three components:

Two-way communication is enabled as well:

Office-based managers can communicate with drivers by sending orders and text messages, enabling client orders and locations to be updated and new tasks and navigation coordinates to be sent to appropriate drivers. Drivers can send (standard) messages on order and work status.

The cost is less than $2 per day for TomTom WEBFLEET, $500 for TomTom LINK (per vehicle), plus the cost of the PND.

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GPS tracking of employees can cut costs and increase sales December 11, 2006

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An interesting article has shown up at the DenverPost.com, about GPS tracking of employees. According to Larry Overley, president of Landtech Contractors, a landscape company:

“It cuts down on guys leaving the job site. It helps us with our payroll costs because guys can’t fudge on their time sheet. We know when they get to the job, and we know when they leave the job,” he said.

The system, in use for six years, cut labor costs at the Aurora-based commercial landscaping company by about 3 percent in the first year.

Another company has seen increased sales as a result of GPS tracking:


GPS tracking of employees in Canada December 2, 2006

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Canadian federal privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart has warned Canadian businesses about GPS tracking of employees. In the end, she seemed to concede that both employees and employers have rights in this arena:

The privacy commissioner accepted that the company’s use of GPS could help locate missing vehicles and help dispatch employees to improve customer service.

However, the commissioner expressed concern about the use of GPS as an employee surveillance tool.

She concluded that it might be acceptable in certain situations — which are defined and communicated to employees beforehand — to use GPS as an employee surveillance tool.

“Systematically using GPS to check up on workers and try to determine how well they are doing their jobs would be going too far,” Stoddart said. “Employers do not have carte blanche to use GPS to constantly monitor their workforce.”

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