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Burglarized store fights back with hidden GPS September 26, 2007

Posted by Rich in : GPS asset tracking , trackback

An Indiana store popular with thieves turned the tables on them by hiding GPS tracking devices amidst their merchandise. Last Friday, during burglary number six, thieves unwittingly took a set of woodworking tools with a little electronic extra, planted by store owner Chris Rowland.

The devices informed Rowland that the stolen items were at an apartment complex less than half a mile from his store. Later, the devices showed the merchandise had been moved to a house in Lawrence. Rowland called police, who recovered the merchandise…

Tracking devices are getting small enough to tackle this sort of job. If it will hold a cell phone, it will hold a GPS tracking device.
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1. Heather Rowland - April 2, 2008

Oh Dad, you’re so clever.

2. Nick - September 14, 2008

Dear Sir, I am having the same problem at my store. I would be interested to know where you purchased your GPS tracking system.