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Garmin GTU 10 review June 21, 2011

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Garmin  GTU 10 GPS tracker

I’ve posted a detailed review of the Garmin GTU 10 GPS tracker over at GPS Tracklog. It’s Garmin’s first mainstream entry into the tracking market, and they’ve done a pretty good job with it. On the positive side, there’s a solid Web interface, Android and iPhone tracker apps, and the first year of service is included in the purchase. The downsides are short battery life and the fact that both the website and app can be slow to bring in location info. Overall though, it’s a winner. Head on over to GPS Tracklog for all the details.


Zoombak GPS dog tracking collar August 14, 2008

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Zoombak GPS dog collar

The Zoombak GPS dog tracking collar is one of the most popular GPS tracking collars for dogs in the marketplace. The Zoombak offers the following:


Thief uses GPS to steal cars May 23, 2008

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After all the stories of stolen GPS units, and thieves getting caught stealing vehicles outfitted with GPS tracking systems, comes a tale with a twist.

Mitsuhisa Kobayashi had two ex-wives rent cars for him. He would then place a GPS tracking device in the car and make a copy of the key. With the ability to track its location, and a spare key, stealing the vehicle later was easy. So easy in fact, that he stole eight of them.

Kobayashi was in possession of three of the eight stolen cars when he was arrested by Nishinomiya Police Station in February. He told investigators: “I wanted to drive my favorite cars. I sold the other five cars on the Internet.”

GPS fleet tracking boasts major savings March 24, 2008

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GPS fleet tracking
I’ve noticed several stories lately highlighting impressive savings for companies that utilize GPS fleet tracking. The payback period on this technology must be very short indeed. Here are a few links to check out:


GPS tracking collar envy February 27, 2008

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GPS tracking collar envyHow in the world did a GPS tracking collar placed on a mountain goat end up on a black bear? Apparently the bear scavenged the carcass of a dead goat and then, somehow, manged to “put on” the collar. Biologist Kevin White (pictured at left) was the fellow who had to decipher this confusing case of collar envy…

California struggles with GPS tracking of sex offenders January 3, 2008

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California’s Proposition 83, AKA Jessica’s law, passed by voters in 2006, continues to be problematic. The Schwarzenegger administration is currently trying to determine whether the state or counties are responsible for the required lifetime GPS tracking of sex offenders, once they complete parole. In the meanwhile, GPS tracking is being discontinued once an offender finishes parole.


Alltell Wireless Axcess Family Finder November 15, 2007

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Alltell Axcess family finderAlltell Wireless has introduced their own child tracking service, dubbed Axcess Family Finder. The cost is $9.99 a month per child application. Normal airtime charges apply though it appears that there is no other charge each time you check the location.

GPS tracking device solves home construction site thefts November 5, 2007

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From Clarksville, Tennessee, comes news that GPS tracking devices have solved a rash of construction site thefts, where thieves were stealing home appliances. Clarksville Police Department Detective Robert Durham was impressed with the technology…

I have worked a lot of construction site burglaries, and traditionally they are rather hard to break, but with the GPS system, we could track them down in less than 24 hours.


GPS school buses for emergency response November 1, 2007

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Over the past year or so, I’ve seen more reports of school districts using GPS for tracking school buses. I’ve often wondered what the benefits are — more efficient fleet management, improved route development, etc. But after last week’s deadly wildfires in Southern California, we see a new use.

GPS-equipped school buses can be used to shuttle emergency responders such as fire fighters, and evacuate those in need, including nursing home residents…

As reported on CNN, Heather Storke of Oceanside, CA said the fleet of school buses that normally transport children in Poway “saved my grandma and hundred of other elderly and disabled people.”

“My parents went quickly to get my Gram. The closer they got to Poway the thick cloud of smoke turned the sky as dark as pitch black night. When they arrived, there was a fleet of school buses waiting to evacuate the center’s residents whose families were unable to get there,” Storke said.


84% of survey respondents want child tracking service October 23, 2007

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GPS tracking cell phone

Tele Atlas, the road navigation data company being bought by TomTom, has published the results of a wireless GPS survey. Among other findings the study reports that:

84 percent of respondents expressed interest in “child locator” services that would show a detailed route to where their child is currently, and 47 percent expressed interest in “friend locator” services.

A healthy willingness for subscribers to pay for such services: Approximately 74 percent of respondents with a minor child indicated an acceptance of monthly fees for “child locator” offerings, and nearly 40 percent of respondents indicated wiliness to pay for “friend locator” offerings. Of note, respondents expressed heightened interest for such offerings if provided via ad-sponsored models.